Varicocele and its causes

Varicocele is a common disease among men, which is an enlargement in the veins surrounding the testicle, due to damage to the valves in the veins that work on blood flow to the heart, which leads to a defect in its function that results in the backflow of blood into the veins, and thus the expansion occurs and often The left testicle is the most susceptible to varicose veins, where infection rates exceed 70% of cases, while the rates of testicular varicose infection reach 50% of cases.

What are the symptoms of varicocele and the implications for it?

Most men with varicocele do not feel any symptoms, but some of them feel pain

Or swelling or a deficiency in the secretion of the male hormone, distortion and lack of sperm count, which leads to the inability to procreate. Varicocele infection is one of the main causes of delayed childbearing, and in some very few cases, it may lead to testicular atrophy.

Varicocele Diagnostic Methods

Normal manual examination during a doctor’s examination
Doppler examination

What are the methods of treatment of varicocele?

A varicocele patient can live with his condition and may not need any treatment, depending on the situation, and he may be able to have children without problems, but if symptoms such as pain appear, or if the varicocele affects his ability to have children, the patient must go to the doctor for treatment, which is carried out in the following ways :

1- Conventional surgery:

During this surgery, the affected blood vessels are closed and blood transferred from them to other healthy blood vessels

The patient can return to his daily life after two days at most from the operation, but the patient must stop any violent activities for two weeks and any surgery followed by some minor pain that lasts for several days.

2- Excision of varicose veins using a surgical microscope:

This method is considered the latest and most successful surgical method in the treatment of varicocele, where a microscope is used during the procedure in order to clearly see the lymphatic vessels surrounding the veins, which are mainly responsible for the occurrence of post-operative swellings and contribute to a large percentage in reducing the rate of varicocele recurrence once again

It is injected with substances that close it or to divert the blood path to a healthy blood vessel, allowing the blood flow to return to normal. During this process, the patient is subjected to complete anesthesia and can return to his normal life after 48 hours and return to exercise after ten days.

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